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This is  blockchain platform for development of manga and anime



-= About us =-
We are  young group of developers, who decided to create a platform for the development of manga and anime. Our platform is built on the technology of blockchain and has no analogues. We want to give an opportunity to all beginners: illustrats, mangaks, animation studios, as well as fandub projects to get an opportunity to become famous and get recognition from the society.

Functions of our platform:
  • Adding manga - everyone will able to publish their manga and get feedback or funding to continue.
  • Voting for the best authors - Each winner will receive funding for the continuation of his manga from us.
  • Collectively participate in the creation of manga - team up in teams, work remotely on your manga, let your fans follow the stage of work.
  • Each manga can become an anime - after receiving recognition from users, one of the registered studios will receive funding to animate your manga.
  • Each anime can be voiced by a lot of fandub projects. Get a different level of voice acting and a lot of translations.

-= Why is blockchain technology?  =-
Our platform is generally available and can not claim copyright, but it has own economic system that will allow the development of young authors and inventors.

Blockchain info

Name: Mangaka
Ticker: MANG
Algo: Xevan
Type: PoW/PoS
Block time: 600 sec
Masternode: 1000 MANG
Pre-mine: 100000 MANG
Max coin supply: 24000000 MANG
Start masternode payment: 500 Block
PoW End: 52560 block (1 year)
Reward: 10 MANG ( 4 MANG Miner / 6 MANG MN)
Coin base: 50 blocks

Wallets v.

Linux Ubuntu 16.x (x64)

Road Map

Q1 - Start the blockchain
Q2 - Announcement on crypto forums and media
Q3 - Start the site
Q4 - Start the Bounty Program
Q5 - Launching the demo platform
Q6 - Addition to MNO
Q7 - Addition to exchanges
Q8 - Launching Platform Release
Q9 - Prizes for all members of the platform


Each stage of pre-sale is limited in time.
All not sold MN will be sold at 1 price last stage.
After that, the coins will be burnt.

Q1 - Sales: 30 MN = 1 MN / 0,05 BTC (12.05.2018 - 15.05.2018)
Q2 - Sales: 10 MN = 1 MN / 0,08 BTC (16.05.2018 - 19.05.2018)
Q3 - Sales: 5 MN = 1 MN / 0,1 BTC (20.05.2018 - 23.05.2018)
Q4 - Sales: 2 MN = 1 MN / 0,2 BTC (24.05.2018 - 25.05.2018)
Q4 - Sales: ~ MN = 1 MN / 0,3 BTC (26.05.2018 - 27.05.2018)


Translation: On all questions of translation, write to the PM

Invitation Bounty Start Now!
1 MANG per Invite until May 31 (Min. 20 Invites)!
P.S. + Bonus to Top 3 Invites -
1st - 1000 MANG
2nd - 600 MANG
3rd - 400 MANG
MUST over 1000 until May 31!

1. go to #invite
2. create an invite link - check the box "never expired"! (otherwise your link will lead into nirvana after 24h)
3. spread the word and watch your rank grow!
(note: fake accounts will be deleted and the you may banned for such scammer action)

Bounty program for site owners!!!!
1) Write an article about a coin or project
2) The article should have a link to the website and logo.

Top 3 best stats will receive 1 MN each

Before the publication, please contact us.


1) My wallet is not synced
After the 50 block, the MN will be launched, after which the synchronization will be successful.



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